Will Sparks Releases “Bad Connection” with Luciana

Picking up where we left off, Will Sparks is well known for making serious waves on the innovative dance scene. Will and familiar songster Luciana have worked on their 4th collaboration to make new single, Bad Connection, out on Monday the 4th of December.

Will’s mountain of success swiftly soars with highlights like Blurred Lines by Robin Thick (remix) and an endless supply of electro-house gems. Recent releases include Young & Free featuring actress Priyanka Chopra, and What I Do, presenting Will’s vocals for the second time. What I Doquickly reached #1 on the BP Big Room charts. Known as one of Billboard’s most exciting young talents, Will has worked with other top notch acts, including the queen of electro… Lucina.

Lucina and Will’s previous work includes GorillaSick Like That and Stay Up To The Morning. Lucina’s repeated punk style staccato and snappy idiolect is stamped all over new single, Bad Connection. This supercharged female has been at the forefront of many other club bangers from TiestoHardwell3LAUKSHMR and The Cataracs. If you haven’t heard her on the dance floor, where have you been dancing?

Bad Connection is the new effort from the pair that is deemed as infectious as they are in your face. As bassy and banging as ever, the two have worked their musical magic to make headlines once more. Now, pretty far into their working relationship, there’s nothing bad about this connection.


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