Oski Releases Bone Chillingly Funky Track ‘Gimme Some’ On Circus Records

oski gimme some

The latest in a string of Australian appearances on London based label Circus RecordsOskidelivers a huge wallop of energetic and emotional future trap in the way of ‘Gimme Some.’ The moment this one hit Doctor P and Flux Pavilion‘s speakers they knew in a shot it needed to be a part of the catalogue.

Sydney based Oski is no stranger to the bass fraternity, recent releases on ƱZ‘s ‘Quality Goods‘ and Dodge & Fuski‘s ‘Disciple‘ have planted some hugely successful records in the ether. ‘Gimme Some‘ also features multiple elements crafted on a synth Oski recently picked up from Habstrakt, you can almost hear the magic coming through, albeit with a new master at the controls.

Gimme Some‘ closes off a big 2017 for Circus Records and what better way to do that with an antipodean heater, don’t sleep on this one.


loops radio


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