tidal christmas ile ilgili görsel sonucu

For users currently without a streaming home and are looking to explore the options, why not try Tidal? The exclusive, high-fidelity service just announced that, starting Christmas, it would be offering an open free 12-day trial of its services.

The trial will allow users to access the High Fidelity streaming tier which would usually run you $19.99 a month and will not require a credit card signup before the trial. In addition, Tidal will release exclusive content every day of the trial ranging from four new original shows to interviews, music videos, documentaries and more. Free trail users will also have the chance to win free concert tickets as well.

While 12 days is a rather odd time frame for a free trial, it no doubt stems from the platform’s inability to attract new users. Various reports present conflicting information regarding the true subscriber numbers of the platform, and recent reports suggesting TIDAL only has enough cash on hand to last the next six months makes attracting new users a top priority.

H/T: The Verge


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