MARSHMELLO NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR “LOVE U” ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Marshmello has drastically switched things up for his latest music video! While we normally see him roaming the school yard, this time around he appears in an all new, animated world.

“Love U” a sweet, bassy treat of a song plays out as the typical Marshmello meets girl Marshmello scenario unfolds and the two go on an colorful adventure together. The story line, which is almost too sweet, wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream shop DJ set from Marshmello in cartoon form. While there are many obstacles in the way, love still conquers all.

This is by far the trippiest we’ve seen Marshemllo get, as far as official music videos go.

Mellogang can also get excited for the producer’s new clothing line, Mello by Marshmello. There’s tons of sick gear including a cosplay helmet (currently sold out). Check out all the merchandise here and keep your eyes peeled for more Marshmello music videos coming in 2018!




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