Mystery Dance Trio X.X.T Returns with “Score”

If John Waters and Grace Jones were tasked with concocting a rave-like hip hop situation for the future it would sound and look a lot like X.X.T.  The LA-based trio is fronted by the artistic starpower of Psycho Flower MC, and features the talents of GR1M3Y-T, and G3NR8TR, two anonymous members from another acclaimed project.

A one stop shop of producers, DJ’s, graphic designers, and video makers; the three characters of X.X.T are their own Warhol Factory 17.0—rising out of LA’s cliqued out freak scene with wild beats and off-kilter songcraft.

The music video for their last single, Illuminaughty, was a trippy late night evangelical infomercial for aerobic techniques that can change your life.  Following in the spirit of their weird and wonderful world,  X.X.T have now teamed up with acclaimed artist/ animator Randy Cano and editor/animator Dennis Sengthong to create a technicolor tour de force of sports imagery and mind melting 3D animations for their latest single SCORE!

Download “Score”

Cano and Sengthong’s mesmerizing visuals will make you feel like you’ve just downed a bottle of caffeinated cough syrup with a side of laughing gas.  SCORE!’s turbocharged energy is an adrenaline rush, and may have already won its spot as 2018’s Sports Anthem of the Year.

“Have you had your mind ripped open and poured into a geometric teacup yet today? No? Would you like to? If so, we suggest this brain-tickling bit of Internet cult worship from Los Angeles-based art-house electronic trio X.X.T”

– Billboard Dance




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