Wade “RAVEolution EP”

After a colossal year which saw him release a number of masterful singles as well as a hard-hitting ‘Bump N Grind EP’, Wade has returned to release his ‘RAVEolution EP’ on Solardo’s Sola Records. The release follows the extraordinary success of Camelphat’s ‘Drop It’ which dropped on the label earlier this year.

Download “RAVEolution”

With an impressive catalogue of releases behind him, Spanish prodigy Wade’s support is growing exponentially with each passing year. Having already made an impact with releases across several high-profile labels, the ‘RAVEolution EP’ will mark his debut release on Sola Records.

Featuring two brand new anthems, with opening track ‘RAVEolution’ having been premiered by Danny Howard on BBC Radio 1, the EP further cements Wade’s position as an undeniably masterful producer. While title track ‘RAVEolution’ is intoxicatingly rhythmic, ‘Blow Your Faces Off’ is a fully-charged weapon with an exhilarating intensity.




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