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Malifoo – You by Armada Deep (Out Now)

Malifoo ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If you had to design your favorite house, what would it look like? A few years back, The Bearded Man was seriously tasked with this, and he had to spend ten million on a home in the Hollywood hills. But what is essential in such a home? What can’t he live without? Step one: install an elevator that goes straight from the entry way directly to the bedroom, for obvious reasons. Check. Step two: create not just a pool, but a moat of a pool that wraps all the way around the house. With a waterfall. Check. Step three: create a driveway that’s big enough for a limousine to do a u-turn in it at the top of the hill (note: this was based on a true story). He did all of that, and still something was missing. But what? What more could a giant, empty house need? A fireplace? A 15-car garage? Not enough. Without you, it ain’t sh**!

Malifoo – You ile ilgili görsel sonucu