Nicky Romero “PRTCL” ft. Spyder Protocol Recordings

Nicky Romero proves yet again why he’s earned a reputation as one of the most influential DJs and producers of his time with his newest track, aptly titled “PRTCL” in honor of his imprint Protocol Recordings‘ 100th release.

Download “PRTCL”

“PRTCL” finds Nicky returning to the high-energy groove sound that made him a household name early in his career on tracks like “SOTU” and “Camorra.”

Mr. Romero teamed up with Spyder – known from “Waterman” and “Like Dis” with Olav Basoski– for the track, which was premiered as an ID during 2017’s final episode of Protocol Radio.

With its cinematic melodies and bouncing basslines “PRTCL” feels iconic and timeless, a salute to electronic music’s heyday as well as a nod to its promising future.

Both, Protocol Recordings and Nicky Romero have helped to shape the landscape of electronic dance music as we know it with their cutting-edge approach to sound and their focus on cultivating a diverse talent pool.




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