GARABATTO & Charlee Muse “Infected”

The newest track from Panda Funk is a soulful, multifaceted tune titled “Infected” by producer GARABATTO and talented singer Charlee Muse“Infected” weaves a tale of the juxtaposing emotions and self-medication that results from futile attempts at trying to fill a void with instant gratification.

Download “Infected”

Muse’s poignant vocals are accentuated by GARABATTO’s deliberate, resonant bassline and eloquently minimalist melodies. As Charlie puts it, “the vibe behind GARABATTO’s beat gave off dark, but still, light feeling that inspired the lyrical story of trying to fill an empty heart with temporary satisfaction. It was so fun to work with GARABATTO and I love the song so much!

Rest assured that GARABATTO is not making music that fits inside the genre box. “It’s so unique and it’s kind of a new genre, I would call it slow-mo tropical house,” says the Spanish DJ and producer. One thing is for certain – if you’re in need of some emotional catharsis during tough times, press play on “Infected” for a groovy, poignant release.




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