Inspired By Swindon Police Hunt For “Noel Gallagher Lookalike Licking Windows”

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Swindon’s own superstar in the making, 20 year old songwriter and producer Chaney makes his introduction with the single ‘Let U Know’, released via Skint Records on January 12. 

‘Let U Know’ features a roof-rattling rave-inspired beat and a shower of Hacienda-keys. The tune is topped off by a video inspired by Swindons strangest local news story. “I saw this article, that said ‘Noel Gallagher Lookalike Spotted in Swindon, Drinking White Ace and Licking Windows,” Chaney laughs. “So we decided to recreate that.” The visuals see our bewildered hero pursued by a cider-swilling Gallagher through the battered backstreets of his hometown. Its an unusual ride, but the ideal initiation into Chaneys world.


Chaney, aka Theo Altieri, began his career in music early. Born and raised in Swindon, he got his start touring pubs, playing drums in his brother’s band until his older sibling decided he was too cool to play alongside an eight-year-old and Theo was forced to go solo. So he picked up a guitar, starting writing songs and had signed a publishing deal before the age of 18. 

After making his trade as a singer/songwriter for a while, he started to experiment more with dance music, playing with loops and beats in his parent’s basement. Following a serendipitous encounter with Primal Scream’s seminal Screamadelica, he landed on a sound that fused his melodic sensibilities with his growing affection for the Great British Rave. What emerged quickly became his signature style: winking odes to nights out, set against irresistible club-ready backdrops. 

‘Let U Know’ is an introduction to the world of Chaney, with more music due for release in early 2018. Watch this space.




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