Mercer “Satisfy” feat. Ron Carroll

French producer and DJ, Mercer is ready to satisfy your ears in funky new release, Satisfy, featuring the legendary Ron Carroll out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Download “Satisfy”

Ron Carroll lends his soulful vocals to the tune, accompanied by an uplifting beat and jubilant falsettos, putting a modern spin on the classic disco and house infused track. Mercer explains how the disco infusion came together:

“I was exchanging disco and funk music with a friend and he sent me this song by Don Ray co-produced by Cerrone who I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid. When I heard the break, I knew. I ended up sampling it, and saw a big vocal potential for the track. I immediately thought of Ron Carroll who is simply a legend in the house music world. He loved it and was in right away.”

Born in the 80s, Mercer is no stranger to the classic house music scene. Highly inspired by the disco and house that shaped his generation, Mercer has gone on to produce modernised versions of his own. Already big in the dance world, Mercer has released massive club records and performed alongside DJ Snake, Tchami and Malaa as part of the Pardon My French crew. Satisfyperfectly sets the tone for what’s to come from the producer in 2018.

Check out funky new single, Satisfy ft. Ron Caroll from Mercer out now on Spinnin’ Records!



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