EEKKOO Release New ‘Forever’ EP Today via mau5trap

EEKKOO (pronounced “echo”)–the electronic producer who’s known for his tasteful range of razor-sharp precision and heavy-hitting analogue productions–today (1/26) released his new EP FOREVER via mau5trap. After being discovered by deadmau5 in 2013 and signing to mau5trap,EEKKOO continues his relentless pursuit for perfection in analogue sound as spotlighted in the EP’s skillfully crafted three new tracks, “Punish,” “Lost”and “Forever,” further building upon an already extensive catalogue that spans the electronic music spectrum.
Click here to stream/purchase FOREVER.
“I’m thrilled to be back on mau5trap,” says EEKKOO. “You know that feeling when you get a chance to explore the world and you finally come back home? That’s my level of rapture right now. This EP kinda represents my road away and back and it was a real pleasure to experiment with my friend Lun_R on some of the tracks. We are not alone!”
The Canada-based producer, who integrated his sound engineering background to create his signature style, made the jump to global recognition in 2012 when he was discovered on Soundcloud by the notorious deadmau5(Joel Zimmerman) and became the first artist he ever followed on the platform. A succession of EPs and singles on his label over the next two years culminated in EEKKOO’s sonic coup de force: 2014’s Hell Is Other People, a five-track offering that rocked the iTunes and Beatport charts before being named in the Top 25 Dance Releases of the year by iTunes. FOREVERfollows EEKKOO’s three-year hiatus from mau5trap and it sounds like he’s right at home continuing to experiment and break new sonic ground.
For more information on EEKKOO, visit:



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