Envotion Celebrate 14 Years with Debut Album “We Are”

Since their inception in 2004, Envotion have spent every spare minute honing their craft, reshaping and perfecting every tiny sound bit to have them conform to their sky-high standards. Now, fourteen amazing years later, their ’80s-flavored take on Progressive House is widely regarded as one of the most alluring signature sounds in the electronic music landscape and their hard work and devotion has paid off in the purest and most enchanting of forms: their debut album: ‘We Are’.

Download “We Are”

The culmination of all the musical journeys and dance-floor-oriented bomb shells that comprise the Envotion discography, ‘We Are’ delves into the Dutch trio’s signature arrangements and atmospheric sound sets through no less than eleven brand-new singles, all of which radiate an unparalleled sense of wonder. A debut offering worth every bit of praise it’s sure to get, ‘We Are’ shows Envotion for who they truly are: masterful composers and creators of unforgettable sonic odysseys.

Consisting of Hugo Alberts, Laurens Alberts and Stijn Halfens, Envotion have always been on the pioneering end of the dance music equation. After seeing debut single ‘Vessel Of Poison’ mark the start of their endeavor in 2005, they touched down on leading labels such as Armada Electronic Elements, Anjunadeep and Extrema Records, indulged in remixes for the likes of Alexey Sonar, Michael Cassette and Way Out West, and saw studio magicians such as Jody Wisternoff, C-Jay, 16 Bit Lolitas, Proff and Haxxy deliver on remix duty in return.

As does their name, their music takes the best from ’emotion’, ‘devotion’ and ‘motion’ and lets it all flow freely in this sensational, full-scale offering. Judging by its initial response, loads of dance music fans will be ‘envoted’ from this day forward.




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