Tolga Maktay releases latest EP ‘Bando Pera’ via Empire Studio Records


Tolga Maktay returns with the ‘Bando Pera’ EP
After months of fans waiting patiently after his intense release of ‘Aegeus’ Tolga Maktay is back with his new and strong release of, ‘Bando Pera’ EP. Having received support from a variety of artists, labels, and networks, ‘Bando Pera‘ is sure to gain prospective support from fans all around the globe.

Download ‘Bando Pera’

About Tolga Maktay

1977 was born in Istanbul.In 1996 he started to DJ as a professional.He was work in various clubs and private parties in istanbul.He started music production in 2001.His genre is first times in tech-house,later minimal house,minimal/Tech continiued as.He’s proffesional contract sign in 2014 with KP Recordings.Five EP released on this label.He’s change genre in 2017.(Deep house/Downtempo)He’s signing new contract with Empire Studio Records in 2017.





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