Deniz Yucel Offers His “Magic Mix” For Magic Break 2018’s Contest!

With already over three thousand views already, DJ and producer Deniz Yucel has offered a 30 minute set for the 2018 festival Magic Break, packed with deep house goodies and good bas vibes. With a passion for creating and performing, Yucel is demonstrating his style and enthusiasm as a musician to catch his chance to take part in the festival.

Magic Break 2018 Free Spirits is a festival taking place from April 21st to the 24th in Antalya, Turkey at the Pegasos Resort Hotel. Throughout the month of January, the event offered a chance to perform in their festival by producing a half-hour set on SoundCloud using the #iplaymagic2018 hashtag. With over 60 DJs and producers opting in for their chance, only the top 10 among the most liked and listening sets will catch the chance to take part in the festival by Magic Break music directors!

Deniz Yucel offers some of the most unique sets with a tasty deep house sound. Amongst the many sets with a myriad of sounds, check out his set below. With today being the last day of contest, don’t forget to show your love and support by liking and sharing his track on SoundCloud!




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