the swoons lost ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Electronic pop trio The Swoons have revealed a brand new song, ‘Lost’. The song, a dreamy, future-pop masterpiece, is the first of two new releases from the band, with another ‘Balance’ to follow very soon.

The Swoons are Matt Underwood, Tony Ann and Giacomo Timbrello. Currently based in LA, but stretching from multiple nations (London, Toronto and LA respectively). Fans of The Chainsmokers will be familiar with Tony’s work already, as he played keyboard on the band’s ‘Memories: Do Not Open’ tour last year, and co-wrote and performed on their latest single ‘Sick Boy’, which was released last week.

The Swoons began as a duo, when Matt and Tony began writing together while studying at Berklee College of Music. After a few early releases, Giacomo (another fellow classmate), joined the group having already collaborated on some of the band’s original productions and remixes.

On ‘Lost’, the band say: “Feeling lost has been a popular subject in music over the years whether it’s love, your job or your personal life. So we wanted to write a song that flipped the concept into something more positive and hopeful. As any independent musician knows it can be a real struggle to feel hopeful when you’re constantly having doors closed on you be it record labels, publishers, venues or even simply the general public not connecting with your music – you’re always constantly looking for that yes, that approval to cover those insecurities you might feel”

“Set over delicate piano chords, muted guitars and an uplifting future pop-esque track we wanted to empower the listener to think “I’m not the only who feels this way” and that “I can change this state of mind into something positive”. 

The band are currently working on their debut EP which will be released early in 2018. Further details to be announced.

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