Zibe have announced the release of latest single  ‘Son Kadeh’,release on 6th April (Pre-Order) via Empire Studio Records imprint. 


Zibe have announced the release of their latest single  ‘Son Kadeh’, which is due for  release on 6th April (Pre-Order) via Empire Studio Records imprint.

Following on from the success of ‘Alya’, Zibe serves up his next profound production which will continue to push the boundaries of a genre he has strived to craft.Zibe is back with ‘Son Kadeh’ which will be available on May 4th (All Stores) via Empire Studio Records.

At the forefront of a respected wave of ethnic melodies, his ‘progressive house’ sounds delve deep into the hearts of music lovers worldwide.


About Zibe :

Zibe, born and still living in Istanbul/Turkey, has started working in the music industry in 1994 as an sound technician. After a short while, he has improved himself technically with the work experience he has received from the organizations he worked in. With the spreading of electronic music in Turkey by the late 90’s he has developed a passion to progressive house and techno genre. He has worked in many events as a sound technician and also have done pretty much djing in the last decade and soon after in 2005, he has started producing his own tracks. Zibe’s tracks are mostly formed of dramatic, dark and melancholic sentimentality.




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