Spinnin’ Records Reaches 20 Million YouTube Subscribers

spinnin records 20 million youtube subscribers

Dutch music label Spinnin’ Records has welcomed the 20th million subscriber on its YouTube channel. This has been reached since its launch in 2007, while it welcomed the last 10 million subscribers within the last three years. A special celebratory video including several video highlights throughout the years has just gone live.

It’s been quite the revolution Spinnin’ Records has caused. Not only did the Dutch music label do groundbreaking work when it comes to promoting artists, also the way it used social media for this was a first in the music industry. Hence the success of the imprint’s YouTube channel, which crossed its first milestone in 2015, reaching 10 million subscribers. Now, merely three years later, the label’s platform has raised the bar once again, reaching 20 million subscribers.

With the list of followers still increasing, it looks like Spinnin’ Records is still on top of its game. Today, the magic mark of 20 million subscribers is celebrated with a special 10 minutes music/video mix.




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