Madara – ‘Balls’

Madara - ‘Balls’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Introducing the forthcoming debut release on Broderskab, formed by a collective of inspiring & creative producers, DJs, video makers, influencers, designers, dancers & street artists – animated by exploring the intimate relation between sound, art & video

First up is ‘Balls‘, as Madara kicks things off in style. Hailing from Paris, Madara has a simple philosophy & says breathing is a basic need for every human being. Screaming is instinctive at birth & freedom is a gift. Freedom of breathing or screaming is not permitted to Madara & to escape his ill fate, he needs to put on a mask.

Listen to ‘Balls’

His rules are clear: don’t talk, don’t go out overdrawn. Hence for now, music is his voice. Watch out for every intricate detail on Madara‘s tracks, you may well discover his underlying secrets.

Balls‘ is an upfront cut, a record that moves along with an underlying heavy hitting groove, clearly setting the musical agenda for Broderskab & the year ahead for the collective. Up next, also look out for releases from the the other members of the camp, with both Solberjum & Beowulf poised to drop singles in the coming weeks. 




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