Konjecture ‘Catching Butterflies’

Konjecture Catching Butterflies ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Introducing Catching Butterflies by US producer Konjecture, as the US artist drops his forthcoming LP on global promo.

Hailing from Santa Cruz California, this full-length album marks the debut of electronic artist Konjecture, having previously released under the name Praxis, Josh Tonnissen has refined his sound over the years to a more atmospheric minimal landscape, delivering subliminal melodies and delicately hypnotic textures. Catching Butterflies is a journey and exploration of the creative process and the bursts of energy that invigorate and inspire sound design.

As the Monarch Butterfly migrates along the California coast, kaleidoscopes of these majestic insects come to rest in Santa Cruz. While observing them in the forest, often times they burst alive with energy and flutter uninhibited at a rapid pace. Threads of creative energy manifest in this fashion, and while these clairvoyant moments can be infrequent, capturing and exploring them reveal true flow and channelled design.

Physical instruments were the medium used to explore the unchanged realms of audio throughout this album, with the main focus being the modern day Eurorack modular synth. Bursts of modulated morphing percussive hits emit uncharted rhythms, as the texture and timbre of the drums modulate within a stream of ordered chaos. Deep harmonic and dissonant melodies lurk within a web of driving grooves, analogue basslines, and energized effect work, while layers of oddly timed west coast synth sounds creep throughout the stereo landscape. Developing an infinitely deep hypnosis as the album progresses, these pulsing grooves are built for late-night practitioners and create an atmosphere of hysteria on the dancefloor.

A note from Konjecture regarding Catching Butterflies: “The future of sound is all around us, we just need to recognize the moment of inspiration and filter all distractions to authentically experience life through an audified experience“.

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