STMPD RCRDS Welcomes First Belgian Artist Michael Amani For ‘Feels Like I Do’

michael amani feels like i do

STMPD RCRDS announce their first Belgian artist on the roster: the young talent that is Michael Amani. Making his chops as a DJ in his home country, his first production for ‘Feels Like I Do‘ showcases his transition from DJ to artist.

Reverbed congas and pitched up vocal FX begin this sweet track before Emelie‘s lush vocals slide their way in gently. The final chorus is triumphant, making for a seriously anthemic piece of pop house that once again asserts STMPD RCRDS as a major tastemaker for the new generation.

Michael Amani played a very impressive 100+ shows in Belgium last year, including notable events such as Global Journey (Tomorrowland), The Hive (Rock Werchter), Summerfestival and Laundry Day. With his production career now taking off as well, it looks like he is set to be the country’s next superstar DJ/producer. STMPD warned you!




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