Filous Debuts ‘For Love’ EP (Remixes) & New Music Video

filous  'For Love'  (Remixes) ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Back in October 2017, Ultra Music released the mellow delights of Viennese artist filous with his ‘For Love’ EP, which spanned a range of genres and featured the likes of Mat Kearney, klei and Emily Warren. To honor this collection, a new remix ‘For Love’ EP is to be dropped through Ultra today, February 16th.
watch the video “For Love” ft. klei here:
With four tracks making up the EP, each edit is the chance to experience a different direction within these popular singles. Landing first is the Decco remix of the title track, which has vocals from klei. Known for his vibrant melodic cuts, Decco brings ‘For Love’ to life with breezy flow and deliciously chirpy, piano-led riffs that hold the tune’s grooves wonderfully. Fellow Austrian MOUNT takes on ‘Knots’ ft. klei next, and provides a refined but delicately balanced electronic addition that has majestic presence.
‘For Love’ is given a second rework from LA producer NVDES, and the result is an extended, strongly instrumental house beat with dynamic urgency and floor-ready atmospheric qualities. ‘Already Gone’ ft. Emily Warren completes the set with an indie-inspired remix by Common Tiger that complements the original brilliantly. Those breathy, ethereal vocals are put against a powerfully percussive backdrop, interludes of guitar riffs and progressively intensifying synths.
It’s a remix EP not to be missed – adding fresh creativity to an already stunning body of work.



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