Bassnectar Debuts Naux Faux Project

Bassnectar has teamed up with long-time collaborator Sayr for the debut EP from their anticipated project Naux Faux, out today via Amorphous Music.

Download “Naux Faux”

The project is a nod to a special era of ’90s electronic music, reminiscent of the full moon parties of Santa Cruz from Bassnectar’s early career. Spanning seven tracks, the EP is an amorphous offering of freestyle melodic music. In Bassnectar’s own words, “A throw back to my roots in late 90’s downtempo electronica: fans of ‘Mesmerizing The Ultra’ will love this side project with one of my best friends, Sayr.

Bassnectar is also hosting his first of four seasonal gatherings this March 30th + 31st at Chicago‘s Stephens Convention centerRezzTroyboiTOKiMONSTAIvy LabDanny Corn and Andrelien will be supporting the two day event, alongside interactive zones, The Haven, and more activities offered at Bassnectar events.

Tickets and info are available here, including special VIP Experience packages that include early entry, a limited Spring Gathering poster, an exclusive VIP space with access to viewing platforms, VIP restrooms, VIP bars and more.




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