Joe Ghost “Let It Go” ft. Mermaids Exist

Multifaceted producer Joe Ghost returns with “Let It Go,” a breathtaking anthem for anyone who’s ever fallen in love, or anyone who’s ever wanted to. Featuring compelling melodies and an organic but rhythmic bassline complemented with heartrending lyrics by Mermaids Exist“Let It Go”embodies the exhilarating-yet-terrifying experience of giving oneself permission to fall in love with another.

Download “Let It Go”

This is personally one of my favourite new tunes from my upcoming album. It talks about the struggles of dating, getting close with someone special and that first feeling you get when you know they’re ‘the one,’” says Ghost.

With its chillstep influences, Ghost‘s new track is pleasantly reminiscent of Adventure Club in their “Gold” days. “I wanted to use a lot of live instruments for this specific track because I wanted to keep the song organic sounding, similar to how real love is built,” he says. “Let It Go” is the second single from Ghost‘s upcoming album, which promises many more chances for him to exercise his prowess at making emotive and unique music.




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