Miguel Bastida Releases EP “Benasty” via Sola Records

Those clued up in the world of tech house are keeping a close eye on Spanish DJ and producer Miguel Bastida, as his catchy beats fast become some of the most recognizable in the genre.

Having had electronic duo Solardo keep tabs on his movements for a good while now, it’s high time he graced their label with one of his very best creations to date: the brand new Benasty EP on Sola Records.

Download “Benasty”

Having begun producing in his mid-teens, Miguel Bastida has built a flourishing career thanks to his early intuitions and impressive technical knowhow. Miguel has been rocking the underground sound as of late and has plenty more where that came from, lining up an EP that’s bursting with rhythm and character.

The Benasty EP is a finely crafted slice of the best tech house, utilising catchy vocal samples and upbeat percussion to create a whirlwind of rhythmic sound. Tracks Benasty and Kickness are the epitome of ‘cool’, oozing that special kind of funk that the underground dancefloor just can’t get enough of.

Miguel Bastida’s Benasty EP is out now via Sola Records.




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