Morgan Page + Jayceeoh ft. Kaleena Zanders “Lost Dreams” via Armada Music

Morgan Page, one of the US scene’s most enduring electronic artists, signals his intent for 2018 with ‘Lost Dreams’, a massive collaboration with bass luminary Jayceeoh and rising vocal star Kaleena Zanders, released on Armada Music.

Download “Lost Dreams”

A big room, main stage, out and out festival anthem, ‘Lost Dreams’ is a blistering fusion of rock and electronic that takes no prisoners from the outset and only ups the ante from there. Opening with punchy lead and rumbling bass guitars, Page and Jayceeoh blend and balance analogue and digital, EDM and indie, percussion and synth samples with ease.

Their confidence as producers comes in their ability to not only craft a stunning piece of composition, but to then let that sit as backdrop to Kaleena’s huge, crystal clear, absolutely stand out vocal.

“‘Lost Dreams’ is a really unique collaboration that fuses powerful and soulful female vocals with the energy of a big room club framework,” Page explained. “I played live guitars on the song which adds a bit of melancholy and nostalgia. The project started with a club instrumental that Jayceeoh and I created, then we stripped it down, rebuilt the instrumental with guitar hooks, and then Kaleena came in and created and laid down an amazing vocal to complete the song. It’s an ode to the classic days of dance music, with the energy and impact of a modern big room anthem.”




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