Dillon Francis gets back to his video for latest single, ‘We The Funk’

We The Funk ile ilgili görsel sonucu

“We The Funk” comes complete with a synesthetic music video that ropes together the track’s evident baile, salsa, and moombah inspirations into a colorful splash of expression that complements the new tune without an overcomplicated visual concept. Fuego’s slick lyrical format glides smoothly over the “Anywhere” producer’s syrupy 85 bpm groove, and while the track isn’t your typical Dillon Francis setlist ignitor, it’s an addicting listen undoubtedly worth repeated rinses.

Francis’ long-awaited full-fledged moombahton project is due later this year via his newly-minted IDGAFOS imprint. The album was composed between Mexico, New York, Miami and the Dominican Republic over the last year or so, and with “We The Funk” plus an aced video to accompany the new single, excitement for this new record is quickly reaching an understandable boiling point.





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