ROGER “S-MAN” SANCHEZ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

With close to thirty years of dance music experience under his belt, Roger Sanchez has been an icon and trailblazer in one for the House music scene. Offering his own spin on the special recipe of floor-filling and dancefloor stomping, the S-Man saw fit to team up with U.K. sensation Huxley and songstress Aimée Sophia for the next, long-awaited addition to his evergreen discography: ‘Wasting Time’.

S-Man & Huxley feat. Aimée Sophia – Wasting Time ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Listen to S-Man & Huxley feat. Aimée Sophia – Wasting Time

Laden with that dark and dirty underground sound Roger Sanchez’s S-Man moniker is synonymous with, ‘Wasting Time’ delves into brilliant grooves and sterling vocals to create a sonic mixture that brings the heat to the dancefloor. The roaring bass and danceable rhythms prove the icing on the cake as ‘Wasting Time’ sets out to conquer underground club circuits worldwide.


Ever pushing himself to his creative limits, Roger Sanchez has proven to be the kingpin of House with innumerable productions under some of House’s most acclaimed monikers, enticing remixes for the likes of Michael Jackson, The Police, Diana Ross, Jamiroquai, Maroon 5 and No Doubt (‘Hella Good’, earning him a Grammy for ‘Best Remixed Recording’ in 2003), countless far-reaching DJ sets and his work for pillar labels such as Undr The Radr and Stealth as their founder and head honcho. Roger Sanchez’s track record is laden with prized productions and meritorious sound excursions, and ‘Wasting Time’ fits right in with those.

Hailing from the U.K., Huxley is easily one of the most versatile House sensations to emerge in recent years. With an all-inclusive discography and a sixth sense for switching up sounds and styles at the right time, the multifarious DJ and producer has taken the spotlight with various highly-acclaimed producers and live sets that helped him reach everything from vast festival stages to small, sweaty basements across the world, from Africa to Australia. Now heading up his own Rinse FM show, Huxley definitely proves an artist to watch and the perfect collaborator for the S-Man on ‘Wasting Time’.




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