DJ Snake Debuts “Premiere Classe” Label With 4B & Teez’ ‘Whistle’

4B & Teez’ ‘Whistle’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

DJ Snake announces the launch of his own label titled Premiere Classe. What has always been a dream of his, as he describes, it’s a brand-new platform  for him to shine the light on music and the people involved to showcase their sound in a variety of genres in the EDM soundscapes. He wants to show the world sounds from all around the globe, some simply put, “dope shit!”

The first release on Premiere Class is ‘Whistle‘ from artists 4B and Teez, a standout in DJ Snake‘s live shows. Being a leader in the Jersey Club and Trap genres, 4B is known for supplying the DJ community with banger after banger and ‘Whistle‘ is nothing short of just that.

Linking up with a fellow New Jersey producer Teez, ‘Whistle‘ is 4B‘s most anticipated single yet, releasing via the new imprint Premiere Classe from DJ Snake, one of the first artists to truly support 4B.




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