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Dots Per Inch working together with Effie on ‘Emotion’, inspired by Destiny’s Child hit track from back in 2011

Dots Per Inch feat. Effie – Emotion ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Today Dots Per Inch released this new track together with Effie on Armada Deep; inspired on Destiny Child’s ‘Emotion’ hit from back in 2001;

Dots Per Inch feat. Effie – Emotion

Groovy on all fronts, Dots Per Inch’s ‘Emotions’ throws Effie’s classic House vocals in a blender with floor-filling rhythms and enchanting vibes. Made to bring every listening session to the next level, this is the perfect track to start and end round-the-clock parties with.

Dots Per Inch: “I’ll always remember one of my favorite DJs growing up; Matt “Jam” Lamont (of the legendary “Tuff Jam”) saying “play to the girls, and the guys will follow”, when talking about how to fill a dance-floor. ‘Emotions’ is the perfect example of this philosophy; a big sing-a-long record, at home on radio or in the club.

I had Effie in mind for the project early on; we worked together on several occasions, having met when a resident DJ on the club circuit.  It’s not easy to pull off a credible rendition of such a classic track, but Effie’s flawless in her delivery.  Some of the ad-libs made my hairs stand on end!  It’s exciting to have her with me on this journey.”

Effie:“To fuse such a classic record with dance music? I wouldn’t have thought of it, but when I heard this I had to jump on on board! The lyrics, this beat, the vibe…it felt right”