Loud Luxury “Body” ft. Brando

With over half a million streams per day across the most popular streaming platforms worldwide and several big achievements in North America (including #1 in Canada’s Shazam Top 100 Dance, certified gold in Canada and #1 in the U.S. Mediabase Dance Airplay chart), Loud Luxury’s smash single ‘Body’ is more than living up to its potential.

Catchy and upbeat to the core, it has spread across the U.S. like a tidal wave, just in time to snatch up the sough-after title of national Spring break anthem.

Download “Body”

Coupled with an official lyric video starring Canadian model Chelcie May, ‘Body’ has already proven to be one of the most infectious songs of the season. Heading the cries of music lovers for quality music through a mixture of summery chords, funky grooves and brando’s meticulous vocals, this song will take the spring break festivities to a whole other level.

Since embarking on the scene in 2012, Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace (Loud Luxury) have been doing just the right things to ensure international success across the dance music realm.

With a plethora of releases running in the millions of streams, remixes for the likes of Bruno Martini (‘Living On The Outside’), Iggy Azalea (‘Switch’) and Martin Garrix (‘Scared To Be Lonely’), and a continuous stream of support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Tiësto and Zedd, they have staked their claim as two of dance music’s most talented artists and are already living up to the expectations as the red-hot national spring break anthem’s creators.





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