Sasha “True” Garden City Movement Remix via Late Night Tales

Michael Mayer, Theo Kottis and Garden City Movement step up to remix Sasha’s ‘True’ (feat. Dems) on Late Night Tales.

Download “True”

‘True’ emerged as an unexpected but welcome side effect during Sasha’s dedicated studio time reinterpreting his stunning ‘Scene Delete’ LP into a musical score for his upcoming REFRACTED:LIVE shows.

The original cut dropped on Late Night Tales last Autumn, enhanced by London band Dems‘ haunting vocals. Now three very different artists, all breaking ground in their respective fields, deliver their unique interpretations.

Tel Aviv trio Garden City Movement provide an almost breakbeat-influenced hypnotic mix. Mood-inducing breathy vocals weave around soft sounds like temple bells and gongs, along with their signature shimmering indie electronica which has made them and their live performances dazzling online sensations.

DJ Kicks alumnus and Kompakt co-founder Michael Mayer invokes intrigue with stealthy, swirling synth-led melodies marrying poignant top lines with insistent off-beat percussion building to a cosmic cinematic peak.

Theo Kottis, with a release on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth and regular gigs at LNOE showcases, is no stranger to driving basslines and uplifting harmonies. Closing out the EP, he takes a tougher approach, with gruff chord sequences supplying a dark, dubby groover with an ever-building melancholic breakdown.

‘True” featuring Dems – The Remixes’ drops on March 23rd on Late Night Tales.




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