Mr. Probz Shares New Single & Video for “Space For Two”

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Mr. Probz is back with his brand-new hit single “SPACE FOR TWO.” Having spent the last year in studio working on his highly anticipated upcoming EP, set for release in April 2018, “SPACE FOR TWO” will be its lead single.

The single follows the success of his 5 million selling, GLOBAL No.1 single “Waves”. When speaking on the single he shares, “I’m really excited to know that ‘Space For Two’ is finally getting released! It almost felt like sitting on a stove ever since we finished it; shout out to Justin Grey and Johnny Black for their part in making this song with me. I think they would agree.”

“SPACE FOR TWO” is out now in conjunction with a quirky music video featuring Mr. Probz himself. “When Meji Alabi sent me the concept of the video, I immediately loved it. I think it’s a real playful visualization of the song and really gives the song an extra layer. We shot the video in London in-between Christmas, and I absolutely loved working with his team. We had a great time even though it was polar bear weather. I think people can relate to the lyrics and I guess a lot of people can relate to being in a really intense relationship. Whether it being too positive or negative, or both at the same time. For me that’s what the song is about, I hope people will have an own interpretation and feeling when hearing this song. That’s the reason why making music is so special to me.”

“SPACE FOR TWO” is out now on Ultra Records.




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