Chocolate Puma Gets The Blood Pumping With New Single ‘Gotta Get Away’

chocolate puma gotta get away

With a specialty of producing legendary dance tracks, famed Dutch duo Chocolate Puma now returns with another milestone in their ever growing resumé. Teaming up with vocalist Chateau, the guys deliver ‘Gotta Get Away,’ a hot blooded vocal house gem that seems made for warm summer nights and, to stay on topic, hot Miami pool parties.

Dutch powerhouse duo Chocolate Puma knows how to drop house music, they’ve almost invented the term as the guys started out producing music in the early 90s, delivering club hits under several artist names. Most famous are probably The Good Men and Jark Prongo – just check these names on the web and discover a collection of awesome oldskool house music!

Now, the guys drop their first 2018 single with ‘Gotta Get Away‘. It’s a wonderful teamup with US singer Chateau, as the duo lays down a vintage club house groove before unleashing infectious piano chords and wonderful strings. Add to this some enticing, soulful vocal lines, and you get a house tune with a classic feel, produced in a cool, contemporary vibe.




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