SamVelvet releases ‘Ancienta’ EP via Empire Studio Records


Ancienta’ is the brand new EP from much-respected producer, SamVelvet.
Here he makes a welcome to Empire Studio Records family with “Ancienta” an EP with 2 tracks to take your pick from, that are as varied as they are wonderful.

Download ‘Ancienta’ EP

About SamVelvet :

Sotirios Vlachopoulos, commonly known by his nickname Sam Velvet, is a Greek DJ and music producer who was born and raised in Aigio. Growing up in a musical family and being highly influenced by his parents, Sam started expressing his interest in music from a very young age. Between the mid 1980’s and late 1990’s, he was introduced to a great number of music genres by his peers or other foreign friends of his including new wave, electro pop, electronic music, tribal, house, deep and tech house. At the tender age of 16, he was first proposed to play music at local bars and clubs owing, in this way, his own fan base. His music was appreciated by many acclaimed DJs and music composers, who encouraged him to move to Athens permanently and start out as a professional DJ. A new chapter in Sam’s life had just begun! A few years later, however, he decided to return back to his hometown, without stopping getting involved in the vibrant nightlife of Athens, in an attempt to create his own music. The emotion he puts into his work and the messages he wishes to spread through his music enabled him to sign his first two contracts with KP Recordings & Empire Studio Records.





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