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TLUXX Reveals Powerful, Emotional & Heart-Throbbing ‘We Weren’t Born To Lose’

tluxx we werent born to lose

Los Angeles DJ and producer TLUXX is back with his new powerful and emotionally moving single ‘We Weren’t Born To Lose.’ Featuring smooth and touching vocals by Brett Pemberton, this song not only touches the souls of those on the dancefloor, but also catches the hearts of those hurting from loss and grieving.

We Weren’t Born To Lose‘ is a song that is dedicated to all the victims and survivors of the horrific events of Route 91 Harvest Festival in September last year at Las Vegas, Nevada. Brian and Brett since agreed that they wanted to work together, but after Brett and his girlfriend were among the survivors of that night, he needed a few days to process what had happened.

Having ran from the gunfire, hiding behind cars, climbed fences and finally escaping with the help of a stranger, Brett is ultimately relieved that he can share his story. The song reflects both Brett’s and Brian’s feeling about the evil events. They will continue to live life to the fullest without fear of evil. As they want to emphasize to the world, “Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect.”

Brett’s and Brian’s hope, is that this song will help people heal and be inspired.