Kevin McKay Announces Debut Album & New Single “The Good Life”

Glasgow Underground founder Kevin McKay has announced his debut solo album ‘The Love Forever’ alongside the release of second single ‘The Good Life’.

Download “The Good Life”

Having served as the mastermind behind some of the biggest house tracks of the past two decades, Kevin is ready to showcase himself at the forefront of a style he has pioneered. The 12-track collection is scheduled to be released on 25th May on his pivotal label, Glasgow Underground.

Discussing ‘The Love Forever’, Kevin says, “last year I got to a place where I felt that I’d developed enough to take on an album and “The Love Forever” is the result. The title is not about romantic love but about my love affair with dance music. No matter what has happened in my life, music has always pulled me through and “The Love Forever” is about the kind of dance music I love. It moves from disco to techno to deep, melodic house music and hopefully does it in a way that works just as well at a rave as it does in your living room or by the pool.”

Spanning across 12 tracks, ‘The Love Forever’ is an amalgamation of productions that Kevin has been working towards throughout his career.

Inspired by Sub Club’s Harri & Domenic, the essence of nugroove, italo house and balearic beats are prevalent throughout, with the album’s acclaimed single ‘Freaky Dancers’ already gaining huge traction across BBC Radio 1‘s dance family.

Now with the release of ‘The Good Life’, the single reflects Kevin’s deeper production style as he creates a synth-heavy cut perfect for peak time sets.

Following the huge milestone of Glasgow Underground’s 20th anniversary last year, Kevin’s debut solo album is the perfect example of his innovative contribution to dance music.




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