Kygo & Miguel Navigate ‘Remind Me To Forget’ Video

Kygo & Miguel Navigate  'Remind Me To Forget' ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Love is a battlefield, and when the warring sides finally step away from the wreckage, each party is left with some scars. Miguel makes a soulful case for those wounds in his lyrics for Kygo’s “Remind Me To Forget,” and the official music video, which arrived today , brings this beautiful sorrow to life.

Find the singer, producer and an emotional ballerina covered in dust as explosions continue to rock the room around them. The performers strut, play and dance out the feelings, immune to the shock waves of violence that send the chandelier swinging. One day, this will all be over, and the memories of hardship will be all that remain, insuring you don’t ever find a love that sour again.

Kygo is just coming up on the end of his Kids in Love tour, finishing the round of live dates at Shaky Beats festival in Atlanta Sunday, May 13. Visit his website to learn more, and watch “Remind Me to Forget” below.


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