INGA AND ÅSN  ‘GLASS’ ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Norwegian power-house producer ÅSN has teamed up with singer Inga for the hot new single ‘Glass’, out now via Sailor Music.


‘Glass’ is all about longing back to a time where things were less complicated. It reflects over how love-struck a couple can be in the beginning, and how this feeling is gradually replaced by annoyance over small trifles in everyday life. It’s sometimes hard to remember how easy things were in the beginning of the relationship or life itself.

Norwegian Inga recently teamed up with CLMD to release the official remix of ‘Slow Me Down’ while her own song ‘Galaxy’ is still B-listed on radio NRK P3. The producer ÅSN on his side has recently enjoyed success with his production of ‘Vanilla’ by Hanne Mjøen as well as his own ‘Beating Me’ both released earlier this year.

‘Glass’ is a meticulously crafted pop song with a fresh Nordic electronic sound as well as live elements gently blended in.

‘Glass’ was born when both artists discovered a desire to broaden their existing sound. ÅSN stands heavily planted in the Nordic producer world, while Inga takes inspiration from artists such as Soleima, Allie X, bülow, Loote and songwriting-wise Julia Michaels.

‘Glass’ is out now:

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