Conrank Releases Highly Anticipated Circus Records EP “Distorted Method”

conrank distorted method ep

Currently rounding off his Inbetween Tour in the US, a 3-month trek across North America culminating in what is bound to be an epic debut performance at EDC Las VegasConrank has found time in the studio to put together another huge collection of tracks.

The EP takes things unashamedly for the floor with the huge ‘Dun Dun‘ and ‘Lose The Plot,’ before taking you on a journey down Conrank‘s memory lane with ‘On Your Mind.’ He shows his more gentle and emotional side with ‘Talk About‘ and rounding off the record we get a second appearance of ‘Inbetween,’ the huge track featuring UK songstress Ami Carmine. The variation in style is staggering, especially as it all contains a flavour and sound that is unmistakably Conrank. Taking things up a gear with Distorted Method, this is an artist that is going to be big in bass music.



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