Tchami x BROHUG collab ‘My Place’

My Place (feat. Reece) Tchami, BROHUG ile ilgili görsel sonucu

For years, BROHUG, the heavy house duo out of Sweden, have been a rambunctious motif on Tchami‘s internationally acclaimed Confession label. It seems inevitable that the two entities, who share a strong affinity for rowdy, bass-driving house music, would eventually join forces under their household imprint.

Now, Confession’s ripest release is indeed Tchami and BROHUG’s “My Place,” which the BROHUG boys have been weaving into their sets for months. Uncharacteristic of both parties, “My Place” features breathy, atmospheric trap interludes, accompanied by Reece’s fluttering, distorted vocals. Hints of Tchami’s signature melodicism follow soon thereafter. This delicate segment is quickly shattered by the drop, as it erupts into BROHUG’s classic whining, stop-and-go bass parade.


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