RL Grime “I Wanna Know” ft. Daya | Official Music Video

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Daya and friends dance in the video of her hit song with RL Grime, “I Wanna Know”. The video was directed by Megan Park and it’s a celebration of female empowerment.

The song is the first single from RL Grime’s upcoming album, NOVA, and marks his first Top 10 US Dance Radio Record. “I Wanna Know” has amassed over 14 million plays globally to date and broke at 1# on iTunes Electronic in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Download “I Wanna Know”

“I love the angle that Megan took on the messaging of the song; she took the desperation and hopelessness of the lyrics and spun them into more of an empowering feel through the gathering of supportive females in the space. Between that and the obvious late 90s/early 2000s references in the wardrobe and props, I think it was the most colorful and exciting shoot I’ve done to date. Excited for the world to see.”- Daya




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