Iconic Burning Man Art Car Mayan Warrior To Make East Coast Debut At The Brooklyn Mirage

On June 9th, the globally-revered Mayan Warrior will make its first East Coast appearance and debut the full art car as the Mexico City-based Burning Man staple takes over The Brooklyn Mirage in New York City for this once in a lifetime event. As with their famed Playa parties, where tens of thousands gather before the rich aural and visual spectacle each year, the artistry of many are woven together under the care of founder and creator Pablo Gonzalez Vargas for an unrivaled light and sound experience.

From the iconic painting of Alex Grey to the Huichol art that adorns the central mandala to the tribal design of the vehicle itself, no opportunity was spared to create a sacred backdrop for a cadre of the most dynamic DJs and producers on and off the playa. Tickets can be purchased on Resident Advisor while supplies last. Note that this event is expected to sell out in advance.

With the event rapidly approaching, Mayan Warrior has now announced some of the special special guests who will be gracing the decks at The Brooklyn Mirage from 6pm-4:30am. This will include Mayan Warrior residents like Rebolledo (Pachanga Boys)DramianConcret, and Mandrake, along with more Mayan Warrior veterans and specials guests performing throughout the night.

Other artists outside of the music include Paolo Montiel, a prominent experimental lightning designer responsible for the light design of the Chichén Itzá pyramids and right hand of James Turrell in his Latin America protects, along with Mark Nath, an experienced laser designer for 20 years doing mayor shows with Jay-Z , Kanye West, The killers, Ice Cube, Swedish House Mafia, Lady Gaga, Tiesto and Eric Prydz.

This is a rare chance to see what many describe as Black Rock City’s most iconic art car outside of its natural habitat with proceeds going towards Mayan Warrior’s appearance at Burning Man 2018. Inspired by Mayan and Huichol lineages and enhanced by state-of-the-art sound and lighting design, Mayan Warrior is a product of Mexican creatives led by artist and entrepreneur Pablo Gonzalez Vargas.

His endeavors also expand far beyond the Burning Man community as he is also the founder of Sr. Pago, one of the leading e-payment platforms in Latin America. As if having his hands in both the art and tech world wasn’t enough, he is also the founder of EXA Radio & TV, which has grown to become one of the most influential media outlets and voices for the Latin American youth market.

More recently Vargas created Ilumina, an interactive light and sound installation that first appeared at Burning Man in 2017 and is described as a “profound visual, aural, and mystical experience that highlights the interconnectivity of our planet and enhances the global energy field.” Vargas is a brilliant mind who is motivated by grandiose visions and an even more grandiose drive to materialize them.

Alongside Vargas is a massive collective of artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, technologists, architects, engineers and musicians from Mexico City and Northern California who all play crucial roles in the Mayan Warrior’s spectacular existence. Together they share a common goal of creating an immersive experience through art and music that encapsulates the sacred and ancient sources of geometry.

The Mayan Warrior has become an ongoing project of contemporary electronic expression; Powered by 70,000 watts of electricity that delivers explosive production including a cutting edge RGB laser light show, psychedelic neon panels, and a sophisticated new sound system comprised of 24 d&b subs and two full range line array speakers—totalling 20 on the car—the techno-mystical Mayan Warrior art car is a true visual and aural masterpiece.

Now with an ever-growing tribal-futuristic following, Mayan Warrior has flourished beyond its origins hosting fundraising parties in Tulum, Miami, Toronto, San Francisco, Dubai, Moscow and soon to be in New York City. Teaming up with Reynard Productions (the crew behind The Cityfox Experience), these two powerhouses will join forces to create a sensory smorgasboard for New York City burners.

Utilizing The Brooklyn Mirage’s state of the art technology which includes a KV2 sound system, 3D video projection mapping and top of the line lighting, this event promises to be a memorable experience of one of the crown jewels of The Playa in Brooklyn’s most impressive outdoor spaces.

About The Artist
Founder of Mexico’s Sr. Pago, one of the leading E-Payment platforms in the Latin America, Pablo is also the founder of EXA Radio and TV, among the most important media outlets for the Latin America Youth Market. Amount his artistic purists, Pablo was the founder and creator of the Mayan Warrior, a multimedia arts vehicle which has visited Burning Man since 2012, along with the interactive light and sound installation Ilumina that appeared at Burning Man for the first time in 2017.

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