Silentó Premieres “Talk To Me” Video, New Single From “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” Hit-Maker

After taking the world by storm with his smash hit “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” Silentó is back and better than ever with his latest track, “Talk To Me.” Even with the highest expectations following one of the biggest songs of 2016, the team behind Silentó’s most recent release didn’t cower away─ they took the energy and ran with it. Directed by David Sule, the accompanying video tells the story of an uphill battle for the 20-year-old hip hop sensation.

It kicks off with a voiceover of Silentó wishing he can make it up to a mystery girl and tell her he’s sorry. After a montage of intimate moments shared by the pair, it cuts to one year later─ he’s with another girl and she is pictured alone. The visual follows Silentó on his journey back to her, pitfalls and all.

Flipping back and forth between carefree memories together and the stark reality that is a breakup, the video ends on a major cliffhanger, leaving audiences to wonder if the two ever end up together.

We’ve heard the song; we’ve done the dance. We’ve watched the video on YouTube, along with 1,330,000,000 billion other people. Silentó’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” was a global sensation. It offered the then 16-year-old the opportunity to bring his viral success to the mainstream, and from it the now 20-year-old has sustained a career and life that most dream of. As he delivers his long-awaited project Fresh Outta High School set for release May 25, 2018, we learned about new sides to Silento, while still embracing the young star’s penchant for making hits.

His aptly titled debut Fresh Outta High School holds a number of meanings for Silento. He and his Silento’ Mob are currently on the National High School tour promoting the follow up to the smash hit “Watch Me” with the sequel “Watch Me Part 2”. Being on the road and arguably turning into an adult in front of the cameras means experiencing life through a bigger lens while remembering all of the steps in between. The first single “Talk 2 Me” with producer J Rell drums up nostalgic feelings of high school romance as Silento details those butterflies that lead to cutting class just to be with your crush. “Ay Bae Bae” is a Summertime ready jam, while “Wild” is a proverbial kiss-off to the nonbelievers. The project is his first full-length release—with TV network Lifetime filming his next video.



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