Dont Look Now Releases Debut Album “Presence”

Dont Look Now Releases Debut Album “Presence” ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Reinvigorated UK producer Dont Look Now has released his debut artist album ‘Presence’ on agenda setting Swiss label, Enormous Tunes.

The fresh house record features 12 pristine, catchy house tunes including previously released singles ‘All Day All Night’ on Sirup Music, and ‘Drink Talk’, also on Enormous Tunes – a track that has now picked up nearly half a million streams on YouTube with its Calippo remix.

This is an artist who stands out from the pack weaving warmth and melody into his production. 

Download “Presence”

Says the artist himself, “I’ve always loved house music, and a few years ago I realised I needed to step back from writing the type of music which I had become known for, and fully commit to creating my own style, even if it meant essentially starting from scratch and walking away from remixing mainstream artists. Having spent some serious time working on new music and using some lovely analogue gear, I am excited to finally release my album.”

The result is ‘Presence’, 12 tracks of summer-ready, glistening house music that will pump in the clubs as well as on terraces and by the pool.  The album kicks off with the already popular ‘All Day All Night’, with its rousing vocal and sun-kissed synth lines, big piano chords and hip swinging claps, and ‘Drink Talk’ featuring a vocalist from The Voice UK and keeping the tropical house vibes alive.

Then comes ‘Make Me Say’, a more tender and deep track with late night keys, and – soon to be released as single number 3 in July 2018 – ‘Ammunition’, with its squelchy house beats and twinkling melody phrases, with standout vocal and big bassline. Album title track ‘Presence’ brings a sound deep and romantic, followed by the uplifting and feel good track ‘Want You’, featuring diva vocals and colorful chord stabs to let the good times roll.

The second half of the album rolls through the tender and intimate grooves of ‘Dopamine’, before picking up the energy with the elastic drums and Ibiza-ready chords of ‘Higher’. Always offering a beach house vibe that is scorching hot and with perfectly paced drums and warm bass, ‘Maybe’, ‘Crussh’ and ‘Hold It Down’ capture this vibe, whereas ‘Rap Music’ shows Dont Look Now’s excellent range and ability to toughen things up – a sound more akin to his club sets in contrast to his more polished sound on this album.

This is an accomplished album of perfectly poised house music, sleek basslines and summery keys, all topped off with catchy vocals that will make it one of the most essential albums of the summer. Dont Look Now proves that his new style is very much, his best yet.

‘Presence’ by Dont Look Now is out now on Enormous Tunes. 


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