Kotek Releases New Single, ‘Tangent,’ Out Today Via Gramatik’s Lowtemp

Kotek Tangent ile ilgili görsel sonucu

“Kotek proves himself once again as a versatile artist worthy of your listening time, as he delivers his latest mashup of mutated sounds on Gramatik’s legendary Lowtemp Music label.”

Michael Mlikotic, better known as Kotek, has been putting out highly original and diverse pieces of electronic music ever since he burst on to the scene by winning Splice’s remix competition for “Anima Mundi,” a track from Gramatik’s album “Epigram,” and earning himself a slot at Mysteryland festival in June of 2016.

The Vancouver Island-native released his debut EP “Aurora” on Lowtemp Records six months later, which demonstrated his unique approach to making music and especially his willingness to play with a lot of different genres like glitch hop, industrial, and even jazz and metal. This has a lot to do with his diverse background – studying piano at an early age and then switching to drums – and it is no surprise he’s earned praise both from music writers and peers alike with his unusual production style and arrangements.



Kotek continued with a string of inspiring remixes and won two more competitions in 2017 and 2018. First, he entered Monstercat’s competition (also in partnership with Splice) for Nervo’s track “Anywhere You Go feat. Timmy Trumpet” and absolutely killed it. Next year he re-worked a track from fellow west coast Canadians, The Funk Hunters, and delivered an insane dancefloor number that deservedly got him another win.

Following an exceptional collaboration with Rezz he then returned to Lowtemp with a hard-hitting single “Surface” ( with Littlemore); another banger with fellow Canadian west-coaster Shylow, “Reflection Sequence,” and solo single “Red Shift.” He is now ready to dazzle once again with the new track titled “Tangent.” It’s another one of those tracks that are hard to pin down genre-wise, but it seems to effortlessly blend hip hop, electro and house with a dash of industrial, which is exactly the kind of stuff he has become known for.





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