Bobby Newberry Shows off Jeremy Scott’s Moschino In Sexy New Video ‘Lit”

Bobby Newberry Shows off Jeremy Scott's Moschino In Sexy New Video 'Lit" ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Bobby Newberry Shows off Jeremy Scott’s Moschino In Sexy New Video ‘Lit

Video Features Laganja Estranj (So You Think You Can Dance and RuPaul’s Drag Race) and rapper Aleff

A born entertainer, Bobby Newberry plays on passion and fever in his latest music video “Lit”, joining forces with rapper Aleff, who brings the heat, rapping in Portuguese in the global club banger. Newberry had he incredible honor to work with his friend, “The People’s Designer”, Jeremy Scott for this video,  showcasing exclusively worn custom pieces from Scott’s luxury fashion house MOSCHINO.

Also making an appearance in the video is the glamorous Laganja Estranj who has been seen on So You Think You Can Dance as well as RuPaul’s Drag Race etc.

Newberry pulls from his vast entertainment experience working with the likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott and on shows including X Factor, Dancing with the Stars, and America’s Got Talent making him someone to keep an eye on.

More info:

As a young child growing up in an underprivileged household in Orange County, California, Newberry discovered his passion for music and movement. A self-taught dancer, he spent countless hours dissecting and emulating the dance style and fundamentals of his inspirations, pop icons: Michael Jackson, Madonna, & Prince. Despite no formal dance training until age 11, Newberry entered and won numerous local talent shows as a dancer and received enough recognition to earn a scholarship at a dance/gymnastics studio. When not training in dance, he participated in singing groups and the school choir. After high school, Newberry was awarded a scholarship to the renowned EDGE Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, California, where he worked with famed choreographers, Brian Friedman who choreographed for Britney Spears and Gil Duldulao who choreographed for Janet Jackson, just to name a few. More than just a talented dancer, Newberry was inspired to find his own dance style, a combo of hip hop and stylized movement. His unique and relevant pop-oriented style of dance caught the industry’s attention and Newberry was soon an in-demand choreographer. Says Newberry, “music is my life… it’s why I do anything and everything.”


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