Jason Ross “Into You” ft. Karra / Ophelia Records

Los Angeles-based beatsmith Jason Ross has unveiled his new single, ‘Into You’, featuring Karra. After a duo of collabs with Seven Lions, the release marks Jason’s first solo release on the label.

Download “Into You”

Having first risen to fame in 2014 with his acclaimed track ‘Burma,’ Jason’s ascension has been marked with hits like ‘Valor,’ ‘Me Tonight,’ and ‘Through it All’ to become one of Anjuna’s brightest stars.

Collaborations with Above & Beyond on their ‘Fly To New York’ remix, and a mashup with Kaskade from his track ‘Solaris’ further cemented his rise.

A remix of Seven Lions’ smash ‘Creation’ in 2016 initially opened the pathway between the two artists, which has since lead to a close relationship as both a production team and future tourmates.

Their first collaboration ‘Higher Love’ featured Paul Meany of Mutemath, which then lead to ‘Ocean’ and ‘The Sirens’ as the second release on Ophelia.

‘Into You’ is comprised of captivating vocals by Karra, ethereal synth loops, and a burning build up that cascades into an elegant yet electrifying drop. Radiating with all the proper euphoric and enchanting sounds, it is a track straight from dance lover’s dreams.

Jason explains, “I am incredibly proud to have one of the first tracks released on @SevenLions’ new label, Ophelia. It’s been super exciting introducing the sounds of melodic trance into new musical worlds. Working with Jeff on tracks like ‘Higher Love’ and ‘Ocean’ really opened me up to creative possibilities that I never embraced. This track is my first solo outing exploring genres outside of trance and progressive, and one that’s been going off in my sets lately. Karra’s voice matches perfectly with the energy of this track and brings it to a whole new level.”




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