Mako “Murder” / Ultra Music

Following the massive success of “Breathe,” which amassed over 12 million streams on Spotify, Mako’s debut single as a solo act, the Los Angeles-based electronic artist is back again with his newest piece “Murder,” which premiered on the esteemed arts and culture website Blackbook.

Download “Murder”

“Murder” is a somber pop track with a compelling vocal performance from Alex Seaver himself. The track begins with mellow piano keys, leading to a powerful drop containing a combination of organic sounds and vocal chops. “Murder” is the perfect combination of emotional and upbeat, making it a surefire hit amongst a wide array of fans.

Mako recently completed his first tour as a solo act, stopping in 33 cities across North America. Seaver is creating a newer, bolder artistic concept for Mako, aiming toward a more authentic sound from a more personal place within. “I’m certainly going through a lot of musical changes,”says Seaver of the new Mako configuration. “I needed to disappear into myself for a little bit.”

Seaver’s latest tracks show his artistic transformation from duo to solo artist, moving in a direction to make music that is more meaningful to him. Mako is on a journey of artistic discovery and fans are eager to see what he releases next.



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