Frank Pole’s back on Armada Trice with “Take Back My Love” feat. Dia Frampton

Laden with slow and deliberate rhythms, glassy plucks and emotive vocals, ”Take Back My Love“ feat. Dia Framptonmarks another empowering offering from Italian star Frank Pole. Hot on the heels of previous smash hit ”Work This Out“, this new track on Armada Trice will prove a well-grooved anthem all summer long.

For Frank Pole this is a real fun one as for quite some time, he forgot that making music was the funniest thing to do.

Thanks to “Take Back My Love“ he was able to switch himself to the ‘fun’ side of producing again.

No rules, no genre, nothing matters but the music itself: this song embodies that feeling. He started his career remixing a Dia Frampton song and since that moment he fell in love with her voice.

For this reason, it totally makes sense she was his number one choice as a vocalist for ‘Take Back My Love’, out via Armada Trice.



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